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Cyclamen Care Instructions

Posted by on in Plant Care
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Cyclamen come in a beautiful range of colors from bright pink to soft white and several colors in between. The foliage is dark green with beautiful heart-shaped patterns in either silver or white with some having gorgeous variegation. Like any plants, purchase those that have numerous buds rather than fully open flowers; resulting in more flowering while the plant is in your possession.

Place in medium light, however, do not place in direct sunlight. To receive medium light in your household, place plants in eastern windows or several feet from western ones to receive adequate exposure. For best growth, make sure your Cyclamen is receiving at least 12 hours of medium light per day.

Fertilizing your plant can be done by using a good water-soluble fertilizer for blooming houseplants at half strength while it’s actively blooming. Make sure to follow the instructions. Do not overfeed your plant as this will cause flushing of foliage growth and blooming will be greatly reduced.

Cyclamen prefer cooler temperatures; the ideal temp would be between 55 to 65 degrees F. Flowering will cease if temperatures rise over 70 degrees. Houseplants love humidity – misting them once a day every day causing optimal performance.

Place a water saucer beneath the Cyclamen to water from the bottom. The tubers (or corms) of this plant protrude above the soil surface and can result in rot if watered from the top. This plant prefers the soil to dry out between waterings.

Remove flower stalks once they become unsightly. This will ensure that the plant’s energy will focus on new flower growth instead of old. Basically with old flowers, grab near the base of the stem and pull to remove or prune at this area. Cyclamen typically bloom for a total of 4 weeks. Getting the corms to rebloom is possible, but time consuming.

The plant can be thrown away once all buds and blooms are gone. It can be grown for its foliage if desired.  Cyclamens are extremely difficult to propagate and seeds germinate randomly. Hence, buying a new plant every season is the easiest method of decorating.

In Zones 7 or higher, cyclamen can be used for outdoor decorating. Often used in container gardens, but there are several varieties that are hardy as well. Make sure to read the tags on the plants purchased for directions on what area is more appropriate for your plant.


  • Guest
    JC, Alameda, CA Saturday, 12 July 2014

    I can't understand how anyone can just "throw it away" when it stops flowering. It's a plant! It goes against my nature to throw it away. :(

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